Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack?
    Life on Elbow Cay is pretty casual… T-Shirts, Shorts, Sundresses, Sandals and Flip-flops are the norm. Don’t forget sunscreen, a beach bag, swimsuits, reef (water) shoes, books/magazines, bug repellant, cover-ups,hats, sunglasses and your camera! You can also bring fishing gear, snorkel gear, and any prescriptions you need. Oasis has beach towels available for your use.

    Summer often has afternoon showers so you might want to bring a lightweight hooded rain slicker.

    Winters can be hot like summer or breezy cooler temperature so bring a wind breaker, sweat shirt, or cotton sweater.

    Take a look at the weather a few days prior to departure and you will have a fairly accurate forecast.Elbow Cay is due east of West Palm Beach, Florida. Slightly southeast of Freeport and Northwest of Nassau.
Should I bring groceries?
    There are two small grocers and a third convenience store on the island. Large grocery stores (like the ones in the US) are in Marsh Harbour and some are open on holidays and Sundays. Ask your taxi driver. Elbow Cay’s grocers are open Monday – Saturday and are closed Sunday and holidays.

    Elbow Cay gets delivery of food 1 time a week (Thursdays). If it is a busy week for visitors the stores can sometimes run out of milk and eggs but in general you can get the basics. Prices are slightly higher than U.S. due to transportation and duties.

    Bring any "must-haves." If you have very specific hard-to-find items, go ahead and throw them in a duffel bag. Red meat is limited on Elbow Cay so if you want a steak with that lobster - Bring the Beef! Beer is pricey at $35.00 a case, but rum is inexpensive. You can bring over 12 beers per adult.
Should I rent a golf cart?
    Absolutely! You need a cart to get around and explore the island. SeaSpray is the only restaurant that is located within a reasonable walking distance.
Should I rent a boat?
    Having a boat will certainly add to your island adventures but is not absolutely necessary. The area that you will be boating in is fairly protected and you will never be out of sight of land. Your boat rental representative will give you maps and are available for all of your questions! Some people pick up a boat in Marsh Harbour and bring themselves across (instead of taking the ferry). If it is raining, there is always the ferry. BOOK IN ADVANCE as boats often sell out.
Should I bring gear or rent?
    Fishing Gear - Some rentals are available of light tackle and gear. Serious fisherman should bring it and even bait as the island is sometimes limited.

    Snorkel Gear and Scuba Gear – There are some rentals but there is nothing like your own personal stuff that fits.
Is there night life?
    Several of the waterfront restaurants have music or a band on the weekends December through August. All live music must stop by 11p.m.

    Generally if you have been swimming, boating, snorkeling, fishing, etc. all day there is a desire to go to sleep pretty early!
Is there Medical Care available?
    There is a Government Clinic on Elbow Cay with limited and sporadic hours. There is also a large Government Clinic in Marsh Harbour, as well as two private doctors. There is also a pharmacy that can fill U.S prescriptions. Over the counter drugs are available in grocery and drug stores, but be sure to bring filled prescriptions of any medications that you need. Hope Town has an active fire department and many of the volunteers are skilled in CPR and First Aid.

    For very serious accidents and illnesses we have charter planes to evacuate to West Palm Beach or an air ambulance from Miami can be called. (You'd better be sick or the bill will make you ILL!) Bring insurance cards.
Can I drink the water?
    The island does not have wells or treatment plants for water. Every drop is from the sky! Rainwater that is caught on the roof is stored in a cistern below the house. Oasis has filters and a water treatment system as well. We suggest buying bottled water for the taste. We do not have a problem with sickness but as one doctor guest put it, "anytime you change your water, your system can get upset...." why chance it for a week? Bottled water is readily available in all stores.
Do you have nude beaches?
    Most beaches near homes have people around so it’s not a good idea to disrobe. However once you get in your boat and leave the populated areas there are plenty of uninhabited cays with pristine beaches and no other people. Feel free to wear just your birthday suit!
Does my US cell phone work in on Elbow Cay?
    You need to contact your carrier and find out if they have a reciprocal agreement with the Bahamas phone company (Batelco). ATand T and T-Mobile seem to work (sometimes). Phone Cards are available locally and can be used at your home's phone.
Will I have internet access?
    Oasis has wi-fi and we offer it at no charge to our guests. Please remember that service can sometimes be sporadic and wi-fi access is not always guaranteed. You should bring your laptop because there are lots of hot spots throughout the island.
What if I have to cancel?
    If you cancel, we will attempt to re-rent our home. To the extent that we are able to mitigate the loss of rental for the same Term, we will refund to you any rent paid, otherwise, we are entitled to keep any monies paid. Please see the terms outlined in the Rental Agreement.