Guest Information

There are many fun activities and attractions to enjoy while visiting Elbow Cay… Boating, Fishing, Snorkeling, Diving, Island Hopping, Shelling, Sunning, Biking, Hiking, Museum , Shopping, Sightseeing, Surfing, Sailing, Swimming, Exploring…. Below is some helpful information to help you enjoy your stay!

    There are no ATM’s on Elbow Cay. There are plenty on Marsh Harbor. (Take the ferry over if you do not have a boat.)
Boat Rentals
    Island Marine 242-366-0282
Cellular Service
    May or might not work… Contact your carrier and find out if they have a reciprocal agreement with the Bahamas phone company (Batelco). Phone Cards are available locally and can be used at your home phone.
    Phone Number – 242-366-0108 Open Mon – Fri 9a – 12n, located at entrance of Hopetown.
    1 Bahamian $= 1 U.S. $. Both U.S. and Bahamian currency are accepted.
Dive Shop
    Froggie’s 242-366-0431
Ferry Service
Fishing Guides
    Bonefish - Terrance “Sebo” Davis - 242-375-8550
    Offshore - Truman - 242-366-0101
Golf Cart Rentals
    Hopetown Cart Rentals 242-366-0064
    T and N Cart Rentals 242-366-0069
    There are four grocery stores and 1 convenience store on the island. All are closed on Sunday except LVA Convenience:
    Harborview Grocery – 242-366-0033 (In Hopetown)
    Vernon’s – 242-367-0037 (In Hopetown)
    LVA Convenience Store (on the road to Hopetown)
    Sweeting’s Grocery (closest to Oasis on the road to Hopetown)
    Wi-Fi (wireless internet) service is available at No Charge at Oasis, however, service on the island can be “iffy”. SeaSpray resort also offers wireless internet for a daily fee.
Liquor / Wine
    Hopetown Wines and Spirits – 242-366-0525 Mon–Sat 8a – 5:30p (Hopetown)
    Lighthouse Liquors – 242-366-0567 (Hopetown)
    A&E Liquor Store- located on the way to Hopetown (closest to Oasis)
Post Office
    There is a post office at the entrance to Hopetown on the right.
    Abaco Inn– 242-366-0133
      Serves B, L, D
    Cap’n Jacks – 242-366-0247
      Serves B, L, D
    Harbour’s Edge – 242-366-0087
      Serves L, D (DJ on Saturday nights.)
    Hopetown Harbour Lodge – 242-366-0095
      Serves B, L, D
    Munchies – 242-366-0423
      Serves, L, D
    On Da Beach – 242-366-0558
      Serves B, L, D
    SeaSpray Marina/Boathouse Restaurant – 242-366-0065
      Serves B, L, D
    Firefly Resort and Restaurant – 242-366-0145
    Note: Most restaurants do not serve dinner after 9pm